NewdStory Trailer: Day 1 – 11 AM Welcome to UCUM

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Its Day 1 at 11am Jerrell and Danger are on campus checking out guys when Khalil, a freshman football player, walks up needing help finding the bookstore. Jerrell, who had an instant attraction to Khalil offered to walk with Khalil past the athletic fields and to the bookstore. After exchanging numbers, Khalil walks into the bookstore where he bumped into Montie who warned him against hanging with Danger and Jerrell because he heard Danger was fuckin all the girls on campus with his outrageously big dick. Meanwhile, Danger is back at Jerrell’s dorm room taking a shower, when Jerrell finally makes it back to the room and ask Danger for a massage. Things quickly get sensual as Danger touched all over Jerrell’s body.

The Newd Story Series – NewdContent
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