NewdStory Trailer: Day 2 – 12PM Slippin at the Gym

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It’s Noon on Day 2 at the campus gym where Montie has committed to working out to build up his slim body and low self-esteem. He looks around and notices Andre, the captain of the basketball team doing squats, and Charley, a track star working out. Montie, is intimidated being around all the fit athletes, moved to a leg machine near the corner of the gym. As he worked his legs, Andre sat down across from Montie. Montie looked over and noticed something on Andre’s shorts, not understanding what he sees he looks again, and notice Andre’s dick began to slip out the bottom of his shorts. Disgusted by what he saw, Montie decides to end his workout early. After walking into the locker room, he notices Charley making thirst trappy snaps. Montie sat down and begin to undress and thinks to himself no one has a dick bigger than he has.

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