NewdStory Trailer: Day 2 – 1PM Is it really that Big?

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Later on Day 2 at 1PM in Jerrell’s dorm room, Jerrell invited Khalil, a freshman football player who is looking to make friends, over. After some conversation, Jerrell, who has a crush on Khalil, asks to see Khalil’s body. Khalil was hesitant but decides to do it but only if they do as well. After that everyone got more comfortable with each other, and they lost track of time. Jerrell looked at his phone and notice it was time for him to go to work. Khalil, thinking about what Montie told him about Danger’s dick, asks Danger if the rumor was true. Danger gets up and pull his dick out and Khalil couldn’t believe what he saw. It kept growing and growing. He put his arm next to it to compare size and maybe it was 14 inches. Danger tells Khalil to turn over and things escalated quickly. 

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