NewdStory Trailer: Day 3 – 8PM Just For Fans

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Day 3 at 8 PM. Danga is in the shower when Jharrel started snooping around his nightstand and saw a large metal object, thinking it was a bracelet he tried to put his hand in it. Confused, he calls Danga into the room. Danga tells Jharrel it’s his cock ring. Jharrel, now ever more curious, asks Danger more questions about it and Danga shows him how to put it on. Eventually, Danga gets in bed and starts sending nudes to his top fan, Derrick, who subscribed to his Just For Fans accounts. Derrick won Danger’s top fan content and has elected to meet Danga in person. Danga is who feeling down, isn’t excited about meeting Derrick. Find out why?

The Newd Story Series – NewdContent
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